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These instructions are meant to be straightforward and we reserve the right to terminate any transaction that does not meet our requirements. The requirements are in place to protect the buyer, seller, and our business. If you have any questions regarding our FFL Transfer process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (402)452-3682, as we are happy to help! 

> Incoming FFL Transfers

Let the shipping dealer know you wish to have the gun transferred through Inner 10 Weapons & Training. If the shipping dealer needs a copy of our FFL license, they can request one by filling out the request form below. 

Our FFL Transfer Fee is $25 per Firearm. If a background check is required due to the buyer not having proper certification (Concealed Handgun Permit/Firearm Purchase Permit), an additional $10 administrative fee will be assessed. 

Once the firearm arrives and we have entered it into our system, WE WILL CONTACT YOU. Even if the shipping carrier (FedEx/UPS/USPS) indicates your transfer has been delivered, do not assume the item is ready for pickup. Depending on business volume and when the package was delivered, it may take up to 48 hours for your firearm to get checked in.

To pick up your transfer, you must fill out the ATF Form 4473 electronically in-store. Photo ID and proper certification documents (Concealed Handgun Permit or Firearm Purchase Certificate) are required.

IMPORTANT – Monthly Storage Fees ($25/month) will be assessed after 30 days if you have not yet picked up your transfer. After 6 months, the transfer and firearm will be considered forfeit and will become property of Inner 10.

> Outgoing FFL Transfers

Please provide the information for the FFL Dealer that you have chosen to send the firearm to before your shipment from us to verify that they are currently accepting transfers. 

We will need a copy of the seller’s license, the buyers contact information, and the FFL Dealer’s FFL license. You will pay the $25 transfer fee along with the shipping costs. Inner 10’s standard shipping rates for firearms are $40 per handgun, $60 per large format handgun (AK-Pistols, AR-Pistols, etc.), and $80 per long gun. Additional shipping fees may occur for oversized/overweight packages and additional accessories. 

We make every attempt to ship your firearm(s) as quickly as possible. Inner 10 is not liable for any damages incurred to the firearm once it has been picked up by the postal carrier and the firearm has left our store.